It’s Thyme for a celebration

Garden Day is all about stopping to smell the roses and enjoying our gardens in all their wonderful forms. Sharing a meal is a great way to enhance the occasion and, whilst this could be a few simple sandwiches or a slice or two of cake, there are some wholesome, simple recipes that have been specially prepared for you to try out on this day.

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Rise of the plant parent

We may be more accustomed to eating the leaves, shoots, roots and fruit of plants, but the beauty of an edible flower garnish brings color to a dish in shades and style that is hard to beat.

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Millennials seek solace in gardens

Millennials are finding solace in gardening, and have vigorously taken on what is traditionally seen as a fairly laid back activity. It’s happening here in evert city including bustling metropolises like London, providing this generation with a wholesome outlet where they can shut out the mayhem of modern life, take it slow, get down and get dirty.

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