Garden Day for kids – A dozen ways!

There’s nothing really like the joy of gardening, and it’s a wonderful way for children to connect to nature, the pride of growing their own plants, flowers and food and, of course, the amazing health benefits that come along with it.

Health benefits of being in your garden

Spending regular time in the garden has undisputed health benefits. There’s an abundance of scientific evidence to back up such claims, and there are dozens of studies globally that have looked into how gardening affects your health and there’s always one conclusion: gardening is incredibly good for you. Which is why we are calling on you to celebrate your garden and green spaces this Garden Day, Sunday the 10th of May.  

No garden no problem, why we love houseplants

Indoor gardens don’t always get as much attention as outdoor ones, but they’re just as fulfilling, and both can be celebrated this Garden Day, Sunday the 10th May. But if you’re not convinced that plants belong inside your home, then read on and hear it from a recent convert who went from doubting to be-leafing…

It’s Thyme for a celebration

Garden Day is all about stopping to smell the roses and enjoying our gardens in all their wonderful forms. Sharing a meal is a great way to enhance the occasion and, whilst this could be a few simple sandwiches or a slice or two of cake, there are some wholesome, simple recipes that have been specially prepared for you to try out on this day.

How to use Nasturtiums in the Kitchen

Nasturtiums are at the heart of our summer kitchen garden. These versatile annuals have large seeds that are easy for children to sow and fabulous flowers ranging from soft creams to jewel-like reds and burnt oranges.