1. Get Inspired

    In the weeks before Garden Day, visit your local Garden Centre or nursery and get inspired! You can follow us on social media (@GardenDayUK) for plenty of tips and ideas.

  2. Share

    Once your garden is ready, invite your family, friends, and neighbours round on Sunday 10 May and celebrate your garden!

  3. Ways to Celebrate

    There are lots of different ways to celebrate your garden on Garden Day – and what you do is completely up to you. Here are a few of our favorite ideas…

    • Invite neighbours and friends round for a refreshing glass of Pimms or a warming cup of tea (weather depending!).
    • Host a picnic lunch or barbecue.
    • Host an evening meal and get your guests involved with food prep outdoors.
    • Play classic outdoor games like boules, ring toss, skittles, human wheelbarrow race or egg and spoon race… the opportunities are endless.
    • Draw, paint or write poems inspired by your garden.
    • Bad weather? Take the kids on a nature hunt for snails, worms and other rain-loving garden
  4. FAQ’s

    Download the FAQ’s document for more information.

  5. Get connected

    Download the Candide App for free. This app is transforming the way we interact and engage with gardens: if you have a gardening question, tap up Candide’s knowledge base to help your garden grow with localised tips and plant identification. Discover the latest trends and explore inspirational gardens, share with a vibrant community, grow new friendships and cultivate well-being for your mind and soul.

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Key Information

Garden Day is happening on Sunday 10 May 2020

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With all these reasons to celebrate, accompanied by Spring’s beautiful weather, let’s hang up those gloves, invite neighbours and friends around for tea and biscuits, a cold beer or a glass of bubbly.