Garden Day: The Glorious Ins and Outs

On Sunday 9 May, green lovers around the country will be celebrating Garden Day with friends, families and neighbours, in accordance with all government regulations, of course! It’ll be happening throughout the United Kingdom, on rolling lawns, treasured allotments and potted balconies. Everyone is invited.

Over the years flower crowns have become the must-wear item for Garden Day. This freshly cut, wild, blooming headpiece represents everything the movement is about: passion, celebration, festivities and a love for all things green. Spend time crafting one, then wear it and feel like royalty as you share your joy and connect with like-minded plant lovers throughout the country.

And speaking of happiness, whilst we all know and have felt the physical benefits of being outdoors in the sunshine and getting our hands dirty, there’s a massive mental upside too. Global research has shown that florists are some of the happiest people around, much happier than those with higher paying jobs or in supposedly prestigious professions.

And it’s not just at work that flowers boost happiness. Fresh cut flowers in your home encourage compassion and kindness, resulting in less worries and anxiety. Living with flowers can also act as an energy booster, providing that pickup needed to tackle your workdays with greater enthusiasm.

Garden Day 2021 Ambassador Hazel Gardiner is a passionate floral artist and designer with a rich and varied background in the creative arts. She’s from a background in television production and women’s clothing, but has always wanted to work with a medium she admired, flowers.

“When you look at something beautiful, you automatically feel happier,” says Gardiner. “We all need to take a moment out of life and social media to take a pause and appreciate nature. It does great things for the soul.”

Gardiner has mastered the art of bringing the outdoors inside with swoon-worthy designs that are the perfect backdrop for any indoor Garden Day celebration. Here are her tips on how you can do the same:

Harness your home as inspiration

If you’re confused about what colour flowers to buy, use your home as a guide. Match your stems with your wall colour or wallpaper for a harmonious display.

Use any surface as a vase

I love mantlescaping but you can place flowers on any flat surface. Glow up your shelves / enhance your shelves, cabinet tops, side tables and even a drinks trolley by bringing them to life with flowers.

The decorative vase dilemma

The high street has popularised affordable decorative vases, but unfortunately not all of them can contain water. Get around this by using dried flowers, or simply placing a smaller glass vase inside…the perfect hack!

Plants are the new props

Houseplants are the perfect botanical embellishment to your home. Opt for ornamental varieties such as pink Tradescantia Nanouk and Calatheas, or use an imposing Alocasia to play with height. Group these together to maximise your collection.

Get crafty

Vases painted with abstract lines are Insta-worthy and in big demand, but can be expensive. Express yourself by hand-painting a plain vase with porcelain and ceramic paint, then fill it with seasonal foliage for a bold display.

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Share photos and clips of your celebrations using the hashtag #GardenDayUK. The best of the bunch stand a chance of winning one of ten National Garden Gift vouchers, valued at £100 each.