No garden no problem, why we love houseplants

Indoor gardens don’t always get as much attention as outdoor ones, but they’re just as fulfilling, and both can be celebrated this Garden Day, Sunday the 10th May. But if you’re not convinced that plants belong inside your home, then read on and hear it from a recent convert who went from doubting to be-leafing…

It is a thing: houseplants are everywhere these days. They’ve transformed my home, but to be honest, it wasn’t always like that. The turning point was when a couple of scrappy succulents stole my heart…

Before then, it was all houseplant hype to me. Too much watering. Or too little. Disaster. Death. Disappointment. But then I was gifted with some aloes and a few curiously named echeverias.

They were…kinda…cute. Interesting colours. Oddly shaped. Their tiny plump leaves wobbled on thick stems. But I was sceptical and worried they’d fall victim to my notorious neglect. So mostly I eyed them suspiciously, waiting for the inevitable wilt. But it never came.

Instead these delighters made my rooms feel brighter and lighter. My kitchen’s white walls became soft and inviting. It felt like more sunshine was streaming in. Those cheerful, glossy leaves were working their magic on me, and as these succulents sprouted, my cultivating confidence grew, as did my collection of houseplants.

I soon realised that, when you’ve got plants living with you, your home is more alive. As you get to understand them, to get a handle on their different needs, to recognise their diverse colours, shapes and textures, you appreciate that this kind of relationship doesn’t just belong outdoors.

Houseplants are companions, reflections of our place in nature and, during the dark winter months, reminders of how glorious the outside world is. They are our roots and, as such, we should be planting more of them.

So, whether it’s one houseplant, a veggie patch or rolling lawns, make sure you enjoy your garden or green spaces this Garden Day. Down down tools, relax, imbibing in some food and drinks  and share your experiences on social media by tagging @GardenDayUK and using#GardenDayUK on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.