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We’re delighted to have the support of a wide range of people and organisations who share our passion for gardens and who want to get as many people as possible celebrating Somerset Garden Day on Sunday 13 May.

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Lia Leendertz, Gardening writer and Somerset Garden Day ambassador

“Somerset is a county that is truly passionate about its gardens, but we often spend so much time weeding, watering and planting that we forget to take a step back and appreciate what we have created. Somerset Garden Day is the perfect chance for people to down tools and celebrate their gardens with friends, neighbours and family. I am a gardener and I know how easy it is to get so involved in the work that we miss the beauty. The great thing about Somerset Garden Day is that anyone can get involved, simply by spending quality time in their own garden. It doesn’t matter how big or impressive your garden is or how much gardening experience you have. We make our gardens so that we can enjoy them, and Somerset Garden Day is a reminder to do just that.”

Alan Down, Cleeve Nursery owner, gardening expert and journalist

“Somerset Garden Day is a valuable opportunity for people to celebrate their gardens and their gardening achievements with neighbours, friends and family. Spending more time in our gardens can do wonders for our well-being, helping us to feel happier and healthier. It gives us an opportunity to reconnect with nature and with where our food comes from. Somerset has more public gardens than most other counties and has a brilliant climate in which to garden! I’m looking forward to celebrating Somerset Garden Day at Cleeve Nursery and also with friends and family in my own garden.”

Annie Maw, Lord-Lieutenant for Somerset

“Somerset Garden Day offers a rare and important chance for us to come together with neighbours, friends and family to celebrate our gardens – one of life’s greatest pleasures. Our gardens help us to feel happy, rejuvenated and inspired and Somerset Garden Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the pleasures that gardens bring. I’ll be celebrating Somerset Garden Day and am encouraging everyone across Somerset to do so as well, no matter how big or small their garden space. Somerset is one of the very best places for beautiful gardens, large and small, public and private, so it's about time we celebrated this!”

Charles Dowding, acclaimed gardening expert and organic gardening pioneer

“Somerset Garden Day is a great opportunity to enjoy our garden work in a more conscious way, see beds and borders from a different perspective, and gain inspiration from others. I hope that as many people as possible take the opportunity to celebrate their gardens on Sunday 13 May.”

Sally Nex, Somerset gardening writer and expert

“Somerset has some of the best gardeners and of course the best gardens in the country – so it’s about time we all gave ourselves a big pat on the back! Gardens are there to be enjoyed and Somerset Garden Day is a great excuse to get outside, get together with family and friends and get celebrating our wonderful gardens.”

Sara Venn, professional horticulturist, garden writer and Incredible Edible Bristol Founder

“We spend so much time working to keep and maintain our gardens that we often forget the importance of taking time out to relax and enjoy the fruits of our labour. In a world where we’re all leading busier lives than ever before, this is really important. Somerset Garden Day is all about getting people to take time out to enjoy and celebrate their gardens and it’s something that everyone should get involved with!”

Helen Feary, Partner Gardens Manager at the Royal Horticultural Society

“The RHS wholeheartedly supports Somerset Garden Day as it chimes perfectly with our own vision ‘to enrich everyone’s lives through plants and make the UK a greener and more beautiful place’. So put down the tools, put the kettle on and enjoy your garden on 13th May – or visit someone else’s garden to relax and be inspired.”

Alan Power, National Trust Garden and Estate Manager at Stourhead

“Communities across Somerset share a strong passion for gardens and Somerset Garden Day is the ideal moment to celebrate this. Spending more quality time enjoying our own gardens is something that we would all benefit hugely from, so on Sunday 13 May make sure to relax and celebrate Somerset Garden Day with neighbours, friends and family.”

Jez Stamp, prize-winning plantsman, horticulturist and garden designer

“We would all benefit so much from taking more opportunities to celebrate our own gardens, and Somerset Garden Day gives us the perfect chance to do this. On Sunday 13 May, get involved by downing tools and finding a fun way to celebrate your garden with neighbours, friends and family. I'll be hosting my own celebration and am encouraging all Somerset residents to do the same!”

Jenna Myles, Blogger and founder of

"What a great idea! We can't wait for Somerset Garden Day. Since moving to Somerset and taking on a pretty special garden of our own (with no gardening experience to speak of), we spend a lot of our time outdoors - learning as we go, growing, planting, weeding and working hard. It's fun too, and we've discovered there's nothing quite like caring for your own garden, but it'll be brilliant to ignore our wheelbarrows and trowels for the day, stand back, appreciate the garden and celebrate our own little slice of happiness in Somerset... knowing other people will be doing exactly the same. Bring on May 13th! :)"